Nashy (Natsuko Rowlands) is a freelance artist / illustrator living and working in Niseko, Hokkaido in Northern Japan. Nashy gave up big city life after 10 years working in Tokyo, moving to Niseko where she aims to elevate the small surprises hidden in everyday life through her art. Having rediscovered her love for art, Nashy is now also a university student (for the first time!), studying online at Kyoto University of the Arts.  

So far

Born and raised in the snowy mountains of Yamagata, Natsuko spent her childhood playing in the outdoors and drawing. After several years working in Tokyo, a growing desire to spend more time in nature led her to flee Meguro for Niseko in December, 2020. Natsuko's new home inspired a rush of creativity, and Nashy was born shortly thereafter.

Her unrestrained curiosity has led Natsuko down several career paths, with stints at a travel agency, in nursing and aged care, working for large Japanese companies in sales and editing, one year at an advertising agency, and a season in Tateyama (in the Northern Japanese Alps) helping out with PR and tour guiding.

As Natsuko began to question what lay ahead, she recalled the joyful days of her childhood spent with pen in hand, and in April 2021 enrolled at [[Kyoto University of the Arts]] to re-engage with her forgotten passion. On the side, Natsuko began to work as a free-lance artist, illustrator and writer under the Nashy moniker.

With the mountains and nature as her main motifs, Nashy draws under the concept of "Surprised by the Ordinary" - seeking inspiration in unexpected corners of everyday daily life in Japan's countryside. Nashy believes that finding playfulness and light-heartedness in the everyday is key to a happy life in these turbulent times. Having struggled with her own mental health, she hopes to help others do this through her art.


  • Nashy has a responsibility to the businesses and individuals with whom she interacts. Nashy strives to contribute positively to the society and natural environment of which she is a part.
  • Nashy embraces failure, and is always searching for new challenges and opportunities to increase her ability to contribute.
  • Nashy believes everybody should be made to feel included, valued, seen and heard.