Shipping policy

This policy stipulates the conditions for delivery of products sold by our company.

(Delivery of goods)

1. When a customer purchases a product, we will deliver the product to a location specified by the customer (hereinafter referred to as the "delivery destination").

2. The Company shall be able to outsource the delivery specified in the preceding paragraph to a delivery company or other third party (hereinafter simply referred to as "delivery company").

(Product delivery time)

1. The Company shall deliver the product to the delivery destination promptly after the purchase of the product is confirmed. In addition, it may take time to deliver depending on our business situation, work situation, weather, traffic condition, delivery destination area, etc.

2. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the customer for delivery delays caused by the reasons specified in the following items, and refund of other charges or shipping charges. Or, we shall not be liable for any reduction.

Unforeseen abnormal traffic obstacles

2. Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, storms, landslides and other natural disasters

3. Suspension of delivery company or public transportation, strike, etc.

(Shipping fee)

The customer shall pay the prescribed shipping fee set by the Company as follows. However, this does not apply if we make the shipping fee free.

As separately determined by our company

(Handling when delivery is not completed)

1. If the delivery of the product cannot be completed due to the reasons specified in the following items, the Company will collect the product and pay the customer the cost required for the collection (including the consignment fee to the delivery company). You can make a claim against it, and you can cancel the contract related to the product at our discretion.

1. Do not request redelivery within the storage period of the delivery company and the delivery destination is absent.

(2) There is an error in the information about the delivery destination, and delivery cannot be performed.

(3) The delivery address refuses to receive

2. In the case specified in the preceding paragraph, if damages occur to the Company, the Company shall be able to claim compensation for the damages (including reasonable attorney's fees) from the customer.

(Delay / damage due to delivery company, etc.)

1. The Company shall not be liable for any delay in delivery or damage to the product due to reasons attributable to the delivery company.

2. If a trouble or dispute arises with the delivery company, the customer shall resolve it at the customer's responsibility and expense, and the Company shall not be obliged to be involved in the trouble or dispute at all. will do.

(Inquiries about delivery)

If we outsource delivery to a shipping company, please contact the shipping company directly for shipping inquiries.

(Relationship with terms of use)

1. This policy shall be a part of the terms of use, and the provisions of the terms of use shall apply to matters not stipulated in this policy.

 In the event of a conflict between the provisions of this policy and the provisions of the Terms of Use, the provisions of this policy shall prevail.

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